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Environmentally-Friendly Custom Accent Furniture

Eco-friendly furniture made entirely with reclaimed and sustainable wood, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) finishes, and no formaldehyde adhesives, at Cocopa we build all of our furniture to order in Evergreen, Colorado, USA using wind power.Our strikingly original furniture designs are rustic yet modern, at home in the Southwest or New England, with rich natural finishes and vibrant colors. Meticulously quality-constructed by local artisans, Cocopa's distinctive line of accent furniture proudly features the inherent character and beauty of our chosen medium of reclaimed and recycled wood and metal. New designs custom made to order the old fashioned way, and built to last for generations -- that's Cocopa.

Custom Hand-Forged Railings

Cocopa designs, builds and installs custom hand-forged steel railings and kitchen cabinetry. Of course everything is custom made to order, whether it's a spiral handrail or a full set of vintage pine kitchen cabinets. Call today to make an appointment with a designer.


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